Start up & Outsourcing Services

Any entrepreneur / overseas corporate, wanting to set-up business in India needs the help of an expert. Most people start up in a business mainly because they have a good proposition. However there are many inherent factors like a good business plan, cash flow projections, financial aspects, government approvals and registrations, government incentives etc. which can often be quite daunting to the entrepreneur.

We assist the new entrepreneurs in their journey towards innovations by making them free of hurdles relating to compliances, incorporation, taxation matters, book keeping and strategy formulations.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Any kind of business needs to focus on its core activities such as business development, product innovation & execution. Accounting, Tax and compliance services are the non-core activities. The non-core activities could be outsourced to experts in the field. Outsourcing leads to effective channeling of energies towards the core activities of the business.

We provide services for…

  • Book keeping
  • Payroll processing
  • Tax return preparation

India Entry Strategy

With the new liberal Foreign Investment Policies and Make in India campaign of the Government, establishing the business in India is lucrative than ever. Strategic planning, due diligence, consistent follow-up are all prerequisites for successful business in India. With our knowledge of the business patterns, economic behavior and different regional challenges in India, we provide our support to your organisation for a successful entry and business in India.

  • Incorporation of the Entity
  • Availing all approvals required to begin operations i.e. RBI / FEMA
  • Support back office i.e. accounts / payroll / virtual office / compliances
  • Availing any kind of financial assistance / government benefits